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Case Management


     In addition to electronic monitoring services, at EagleEye Monitoring, we also provide a variety of offender based services aimed at helping individuals address various problems that may affect their lives.  By providing case management services along with electronic monitoring services, we are able to address a wide variety of issues offenders may possess.  Through the assistance of the local  Vocational Rehabilitation office we have available to us, counseling services to address both alcohol and drug use (to include both inpatient and outpatient) as well as educational and employment deficiencies that might exist.  In addition, we also provide urine drug screens, that are able to detect a variety of the most common used drugs, both as a condition of sentence or bond and as a deterent  to use.

       At EagleEye Monitoring we recognize that individuals who receive our services often have multiple needs in their lives and we make every attempt to address those needs so as to provide the best possible opportunity to successfully complete their obligations.    

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