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Program Rules


All individuals placed on our program will be expected to comply with the following rules and failure to do so will be considered a violation resulting in removal from the program:

1. I have voluntarily agreed to be placed on Home Detention Program. I agree to
comply with all the rules in this agreement and with any instructions given to me regarding
this program. Failure to comply with the rules of the program will be considered a violation
and could result in removal from the program.

2.  I agree to pay the installation fee plus the first week's monitoring fee prior to being
placed on electronic monitoring. Thereafter, each week's fee will be due on or before the
following Friday.  Failure to pay monitoring fees will result in a violation.

3. I understand that time spent away from my residence is governed by SC Code 24-13-1540
which allows the following:

     a.  Hours in employment approved by the department or time traveling to and from

     b.  Time seeking employment approved for the participant by the department.

      c.  Medical, psychiatric, mental health treatment, counseling or other treatment
            programs approved for the participant by the department.

      d.  Attendance at an educational institution or a program approved for the participant
            by the department.

      e.  Attendance at regularly scheduled religious services at a place of worship.

       f.  Participation in a community work release or community service program
           approved by the department.

      g.  Meeting with attorney, attendance at all scheduled court appearances and reports
            to our office as instructed.

4.  I agree to obtain approval in advance for any of the above exceptions from
EagleEye Monitoring.

5.  I agree to provide documentation for any time I am away from my residence.
Approved documentation shall be in the form of payroll check stubs, employment
documentation forms, job search forms, appointment verification forms and any other
documentation requested by EagleEye personnel. Failure to provide this documentation will
result in a violation.

6.  ln the event of a life threatening emergency I agree to notify EagleEye personnel
as soon as possible and to provide documentation for the occurrence.

7. In the event of inaccurate or questionable documentation or documentation that
does not match the times away from the home, EagleEye personnel reserves the right to
place the participant on active GPS to end such discrepancies.

8. I agree to wear a non-removable, tamper proof ankle bracelet 24 hours a day for
the entire length of my detention. Removal, any attempt to remove or destruction of the unit
will result in a violation. ln addition, I understand that if I abscond from the program lam
subiect to beinq charqed with the additional crime of escape and subiect to beinq
charqed with Tampering with the Operation of Electronic Monitoring Device pursant to                                   State Statute 24-13-425.

9. I agree to charge my unit for a minimum of 1 hr daily as well as any additional times as instructed by EagleEye personnel. I understand that a failure to keep my unit charged at all times will be view the same as a tampering event and will result in a violation.

10. I agree to maintain telephonic communication at all times with EagleEye personnel and in the event of loss of electrical service to immediately notify personnel and to re-establish service within 24 hours. Failure to comply will result in a violation.

11. ln the event my equipment ever needs to be maintained, I agree to immediately come to the EagleEye office to resolve the issue.

12. I agree to submit to random urinalysis testing and agree to pay $20.00 for each
test administered.

13. I understand that all electronic data as well as any paper documentation obtained
by EagleEye Monitoring may be forwarded to the proper authorities as needed and may be
used as evidence against me for violation proceedings.

14. I agree to allow EagleEye Monitoring Personnel to inspect and maintain the ankle
transmitter and FMD and to enter my residence at any time to install, inspect, or to remove
monitoring equipment as well as to monitor my compliance with program rules.

15. I agree that I will be financially responsible for any damage or loss of equipment
issued to me.
This includes the return of the equipment to EagleEye Monitoring's office upon
completion or termination of the program.


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